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Digital hybrid board game

1-4 players

Cooperative gameplay

No god stays dead forever

If the cruelty of the Gods had any purpose, it remained a mystery even after their death. They gave us miserable fates and treated us like toys, but we knew it had to end one day – for better or for worse.

So we revolted and slayed them all, for a price well beyond what we could afford. The world is damaged now, bearing the wounds of this impossible battle, but at the same time – we are free and responsible for our own fates for the first time.

Yet from lands far away, followers of New Gods arrive with their true intent unknown, hidden behind their political agendas.

Amongst all of this turmoil are you, a wild bunch of mercenaries, just blindly accepting another job…

A Rich World to Explore

As you travel across the world, you will discover and scout unknown lands. Only the Companion App knows what lies ahead and what kind of challenges your journey will bring. You’ll face enemies, complete quests, and discover secrets of Godsgrave.


The Story App is Your Guide

Every time you make a critical decision, the app will remember your choice and adjust the campaign accordingly. Enemies you will encounter will be introduced within the app and quests will be tracked and completed by it too. 

Dozens of monsters, quests, items and adventures are held in the Story App, to deliver a living and breathing world to explore.

Unique Deck for Every Hero

The Lineage and Class of your hero will determine your starting deck. Completing scenarios will allow you to earn rewards and more cards for your deck allowing you to customise your hero to suit your playstyle. Cards will include items,weapons, abilities, and epic maneuvers called Events.

Find your ideal combination from all the Lineages & Class options.




A Game of Skill

Each hero brings a different set of skills to the party, which are represented by a dice. Whether you are scouting an area, clashing with an enemy, or bartering with a shopkeeper for a better deal, you will use your Skill Dice. 

Be brave – but remember – there is a limit to even your ability, at least to begin with.

Cooperate to Succeed

Every round, as a team you choose a Plan Card which determines the play style of the party for that round. Sometimes you will be more mobile, while next turn you hoard more resources.

Carefully plan your game, as every card is different, brings unique Special Effect and provoke various obstacles to overcome.

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